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Thompson was to be in Church on a Saturday morning for a special monthly programme, but he did not show up. As if that was not enough, he had successfully completed his discipleship class and now fit to become a worker, but he has to attend the Saturday Workers’ Training in the evening, still, he did not show up. When he was asked why he missed the morning session, he boldly replied, ‘I woke up late and I do not like to be late to such gatherings.’ Asking why he missed the evening session, he answered, ‘I forgot it was Saturday.’ Thompson is known to be full of excuses!

Excuses are believed to be the foundation of failures, and in a bid to ‘put away’ excuses and failures, many ‘unjustly justify’ themselves. I wrote about THE UNJUST JUSTIFICATION in Article 01 of 365.

There are various excuses I seem not to be interested in, but this happens to grab my utmost attention which I strongly agree and believe that it is for a reason.

We go about saying the devil is cunning and tricky, but I have come to realize that it is actually the ‘flesh’. You see, until we come to a realization of the cunningness and tricks of the flesh, we are bound to remain under the grips of excuses.

As saving as you may think excuses are to you, it is killing to those who you give these excuses. That fellow has laboured on you for a time so long and now hoping to see the fruits of his labour, but you paved way for excuses. I tell you, you are discouraging (killing) him.

We are amazed at how far and much excuses have grown ignoring the fact that excuses are contagious. Yes, contagious. You wonder why the same excuse Mr. A gave you last month was same as that which Miss B gave you last week. Excuses are contagious!

To see a friend in need of help for many days, weeks, months, or even years and it occurred to you to help him out NOW, but you said, ‘I do not like to be late.’ Anyone seemingly helpless today cannot just sit helplessly knowing a path that leads to help. There are some factors that might serve as barriers, help them. It costs you nothing if you are truly willing to help.

You were saddled with a responsibility for a long time and it just occurred to you to have it done NOW after many times of delay and you still say, ‘I do not like to be late.’ Have you forgotten? It is better late than never. Do it NOW as it has occurred to you.

Yes, lateness is frowned at by the society today, but the assertion that ‘I do not like to be late’ is a quest to promote selfish interests and shy away from responsibilities.

Have you asked yourself;

‘If I TRULY do not like to be late, should I not do away with the tasks that will eventually make me late?’

‘If I TRULY do not like to be late, should I not work on that part of me that seems to enjoy the comfort zone a lot?’

‘If I TRULY do not like to be late, should I not pinpoint the factors responsible for my all-time lateness so as to avert future lateness?’

Excuses are better purposefully done away with than entertained.

The ‘entertainment’ of excuses are sometimes as a result of misplaced priorities or unidentified purpose of a task. No wonder a sage once said that, ‘When purpose is not defined, abuse is inevitable!’ In case you do not know, excuses are abuses to purpose.

It is agreed that some circumstances are unforseen, but excuses should not be the orbit around which one revolves.

I hope this helps the children, youths and adults to do away with excuses and accept responsibilities.


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