Far across the street,a woman wails
At the other end of the street,a man hails
Trying to calm down a lady a man fails
As the angry lady, on top of her voice she rails


Life is sweet but full of struggles
Feet away, an army march past with bugles
Some distance away, thunder rumbles
Walking down the street,a little girl grumbles


A bit above me, some little birds fly
Landing on a tree, they chirp which sound like a cry
Two men walk,one looking like a sly
But looking closer,I think he is trying to pry


Along the street, some girls chatter
Walking past them,the boys flatter
Under an orange tree,four little girls clatter
Walking slowly towards them, their sisters blather


The day getting warm,is still looking young
Quietly a bird chirps,trying to sing a song
Far away a bell rings, making a bong
As a leader marches,his followers tagging along


I sigh and smile and slowly I lay
Under the rising sun’s gentle ray
Muttering some words,quietly I pray
The thoughts of a girl,so I say




Written by ©Kaffie

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