families reborn, soilders in making are we!
Microbe explorers, change makers are we!
Like stars from different galaxies
Came together to form a unique galaxy
Brought together by duty and destiny
Bound together by love in unity
We reach for nothing but the stars
We won’t stop trying even with our scars
Building our place in the skies
A home within the stars
White House down below
We won’t give up even when we had to barb low
Too much frustration with stars & barb low
But we will continue to glow
Our rich ideas will continue to flow
The world awaits and here we come
With fantasy and ecstasy, here we come
The greatness that has kept the world waiting
Tho we didn’t get what we bargained
Our elite minds yet we ordain
Something bigger than the tallest of mountains
Flowing better than the fullest of fountains
Our injuries gave us much understanding
If we do it their way we d’d win
Storms came, swam over tides
Big fishes ate up small fishes yet we kept paddling
Accepting the challenge and ready to make the change
Nothing shall discourage us because we are simply DESTACADO



Written by

Agbaje Ibukun SYLVESTER
(The usual suspect)

for DESTACADO CLASS ’17 (microbiology graduating class 16/17). One love

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