The cause of disease

The cause of disease

Since the earliest times, people have asked why
Communicable diseases caused people to die;
Infecting people rich and poor
Bringing pain, death, and misery at their door.

In their desire to understand why they were sick
They turned to gods, sorcery, and magic;
The supernatural belief gained popularity
As people spoke of divinity and spirit.

Then the poisonous gas belief was born
That put blame air pollution;
It claimed that bad air caused infections
Such as malaria, and other afflictions.

When the world of microbes was made known
People turned to the germ belief of disease causation;
Thus people become busy with disinfection
And other way to bring germs to extinction.

But others proposed that germ was not the only cause
But also the environment and the host:
These three factors interact to make us sick
According to a belief known as “epidemiologic”


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