Minutes of NAMS Congress Held in July


*Minutes of the congress held on Wednesday, 26th of July, 2017.*

The congress started at exactly 5:45pm.
The agenda was read by the President, Odunola Kolawolu. The president intimated Namsites about the activities and projects that have been executed which range from successful NAMS freshmen week to provision of staff directory, purchase of first aid box, purchase of football jerseys, aggressive renovation of the library and creation of NAMS website.
The president also stated the necessity of all Namsites to pay their dues especially the stalites as students will not be allowed to write their exams without payment of dues.

The audit committee was constituted. The president called for nominations so that two members could be added to make up the complete number.
Hon. Sylvester nominated Mr. Olumide from part four constituency, Mr Tobi from part four constituency nominated himself.
Hon Lateef, the deputy speaker of house raised an observation that Mr Olumide who was nominated as a member of the audit committee should be contacted to confirm his interest.
Hon. Chioma nominated Miss Adebola Salawu from part 4 constituency. An election was conducted to select two of the three nominated candidates. Miss Adebola had five votes, Mr. Tobi had 10 votes while Mr Olumide had 7 votes thereby making Mr Tobi and Mr Olumide the latest additions to the audit committee.

The website was launched and Namsites were told the website www.namsoau.com.ng which would serve as source of information and other beneficial activities to Namsites and was well commended by the congressmen.

The meeting moved to the next on the agenda which was the A.O.B.
Hon. Sylvester expressed his dissatisfaction on the number of students that were present in the congress and suggested that all members of the executives and honourables that were not present at the meeting should be punished.
Mr. Olamide suggested that the absent executives and honourables should be fined. Mr. Tobi also suggested that they should be fined and write an apology letter pasted on NAMS notice board .
In light of this, Hon Lateef suggested that a disciplinary committee should be constituted. Mr. Aurelio suggested that there should be a stipulated time for the absentees to submit the letter and pay the fine and if they did not meet the deadline, they should be suspended. The congress agreed on making the deadline to be 48hours.

Mr. Bethel from part four constituency lamented at the way non Namsites use the Nams library and suggested that entry should be based on tendering of school ID card. Hon. Sylvester suggested that there should be a pass given to Namsites that have paid their dues.
The assistant librarian in person of Hon. Fit supported the idea of giving the pass to Namsites who have paid their dues but it will be after the total upgrade of the library.
Mr. Aurelio encouraged all Namsites to be collectively responsible for the cleaning of the library.

Mr. Tobi from part 4 constituency commended the present administration for good job done so and the on going project and said that the website should have been launched in a better way.

A part one student lamented the state of things in their class. The student complained about the disappearance of their manual fees in the part of their class representative, that beneficial information was not circulated and indiscipline among the students. The student suggested a recall of a meeting with the part one students.
Mr. Bethel suggested that the class representative of part 1 class be impeached and that he should refund the manual money he misplaced.
Hon Sylvester suggested a meeting with the part one students to collate the names of the students who were affected by the money loss and make the class representative refund them.
Miss Ebun suggested that the class representative should not be allowed to write examination if he does not refund the money that he misplaced.
Mr. Aurelio suggested that the part 1 class representative be given a fair hearing.

Hon Lateef commended the effort of the executives, he also raised a question on how political consciousness of Namsites can be raised and also stressed how Namsites can have an edge in the coming NASS election complaining about the modalities of the election. He also expressed his displeasure about how inactive microbiology representatives are at the faculty and student union level.
The President stated that there will be an in-house / stake holders meeting with anyone contesting at the level of the faculty.
Hon. Cowbell from part four constituency disagreed with the idea of an in-house meeting, stating that the congress supersedes all other meetings, that the issue should be trashed and discussed at the level of the congress. He also suggested that a letter should be written to the faculty to address the issue of segregation among Nassites especially against Namsites and that all executives should sign the letter. Mr. Aurelio emphasized cooperation among Namsites before any action can be taken.
Mr. Adeola from part four constituency suggested that nams pull of out of nass. He emphasized that due to the enormous financial contribution of Nams to Nass, Namsites should be treated right and well. Mr. Adeola also emphasized that Namsites should have high representation at the faculty level.
Hon. Lateef suggested that Namsites meet with the staff advisers of Nass and write a threat letter signed by more than 200 students and stated that pulling out of nass should be a last option.
Hon. Sylvester submitted that Nams should pressurize the current Nass executives to call a congress after writing a letter and if that doesn’t work, Nams should write an official letter to the division of students’ affairs. Hon Chioma contributed that financial contribution be limited.
Hon Phileo submitted that a letter should be written to the NASS DRC, Students’ Union, staff advisers, faculty dean and the DSA and that a committee should be constituted to look into the matter.
Hon Sylvester supported the idea of committee constitution.
Hon Tobest from part three constituency submitted that the election modalities should remain but all Namsite should work hard on promoting our candidates by penetrating other departments.
Hon. Sylvester submitted that
-Equal number of honourables should not be allowed at the NASS DRC and SRC, that microbiology should have more representatives due to our large population.
-That 40% percentage win rule should be reduced to 25% and that winning by number of departments should be struck out.
-That a dialogue meeting be held with other departments in biological sciences
-That the former president of NAMS should not be given his certificate.

Mr. Emeritus suggested that Nams pull out Nass.
Mr. Tobi suggested that a committee be set up.
Hon Cowbell also suggested that a 7 man committee be formed and report only to the congress and paste updates on the Nams board so that every Namsites can give his/her submission and that the committee should be focused on total reversal of the election modalities and other laws.

There was call for Nomination for the constitution of the committee;
Hon Sylvester nominated Hon Cowbell,
Hon Cowbell nominated Hon Sylvester, Hon Phileo, Mr. Aurelio and Hon Tobest.
Hon Lateef nominated Hon Fit and Hon Tiezy.
Hon. Tiezy and Mr. Aurelio declined the Nominations.

Hon Tiezy raised a question about Stalite package this Session for Stale students that pay their dues and the president responded that he cannot guarantee packages for stale students as the money realized from the due has been and will be used to execute beneficial projects.
The President declared the meeting closed at 7:42 pm


– All members of the executive council and TRF who were absent from the congress should pay a fine of N500 and write an apology letter pasted on NAMS board within 48 hours.

– A meeting of all part 1 students should be called to address the misdemeanor in their class and call the leaders of the class back to order.

– A letter signed by all executives of Nams, honourables and conscious Namsites should be written to the DRC, dean of faculty of science and staff advisers to address the issue of the election modalities which place microbiology at a disadvantage in the faculty’s election and activities.

*Balogun Gideon*
General secretary

*Odunola Kolawolu*


General Secretary NAMS OAU

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